Wikipedia Final Project: The Wilson Post and Ashland City Times

The Wilson Post versus Ashland City Times

For my final, I have been assigned to either update the entry for a particular newspaper in the state of Washington or any other state in the United States, or I can take on one of the state’s pages themselves and organize the state page to make it similar in scope and clarity as in the Washington state page. I have decided to update the links listed in the entry (Mondo Times, Library of Congress, etc.) with the pages corresponding to that newspaper.


This is what The Wilson Post and Ashland City TImes looked like before I updated and added anything.



Getting started


I searched through the list of newspapers under the project, knowing which state I wanted to do. I made my way down to Tennessee, my home state. I clicked it, and it led me to a long list of newspapers within my states that didn’t have many Wikipedia pages. I finally chose The Wilson Post because my county didn’t have a page yet, and I figured that updating a page would be easier than creating one.

One of the critical things that I ran into was that my teacher uploaded the wrong video in our module. I did look in our community chat to see if someone had asked anything, and I found a video that she uploaded! Thank goodness!

After watching the video, I understood what I was doing and felt more prepared. The second thing that I quickly found out was that there was not enough information about The Wilson Post because it was created in the early 2000s, and there hasn’t been much written about it.

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I kept running into The Wilson Post in Oklahoma, and I couldn’t find a lot that talked about the Wilson Post in Tennessee. I did find some articles that mentioned The Wilson Post. I added these articles to the Wikipedia page as I added facts about them. Because I couldn’t find anything within the Library of Congress or Books link within Wikipedia, so I searched the ASU Library, and I still couldn’t find anything.

These are the two websites that mentioned The Wilson Post were:,


I put it as “N/A” for Not Available for the Library of Congress and the Books link. Since I didn’t do a lot for The Wilson Post, I decided to try a different newspaper. I chose to do Ashland City Times to see if I was doing everything right for the project and to see if I could find things in the Library of Congress and Books link for another paper.


With Ashland City Times, I found everything I thought I needed for my project. The Ashland City Times has been around longer than The Wilson Post, which is why I think it was easier to find information about it. While researching the Ashland City Times, I got more comfortable editing Wikipedia, figuring out how to revise different sites, and adding facts about the paper.


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The Wilson Post was more complicated than Ashland City Times, but I gained experience from doing and updating both of the pages of the newspapers. I learned a lot about how Wikipedia runs and what you need to research your pages. From doing this project, I understand why Wikipedia is an excellent place to start some research but is a bad way to end research.

This is what The Wilson Post and Ashland City Times look like now: