Extra Credit: Zoom Talk

I don’t know about most people, but I always do extra credit for my classes. It’s not because I’m a terrible student, but I recognize that I need a little extra push to maintain my grades. That’s not a bad thing. For my extra credit for my class, I signed up for a zoom talk about privacy.

When I signed up to go to the meeting, I didn’t read that it would be bilingual in Spanish and English. I still went to it because I needed the extra credit.


Here are some of the things I noticed while sitting and trying to pay attention.


The talk was mainly about privacy on the internet and what we could do. It was created because to help navigate the media world, we are creators, and we need to make ourselves better at understanding media. We need to be our own editors of the internet.


The panel was questioned with: “What is the greatest threat on the internet world?

Leopoldo, one of the panelists, said, “Surveillance capitalism with purpose- buying and selling of information.”


Then they were asked, “What makes us vulnerable? How do we protect ourselves?

The panelists concluded that passwords should be long, complex, and different on all accounts, as well as that users should have 2 step authentications like how ASU has while logging on.


Later we took a poll. We were asked:

  • When talking to friends about a product later, will it be advertised to me?

79  people said yes

21  people said no

  • How important is privacy?

49 people said it was important

49 people said it was generally important


I thought it was fascinating to see how people answered. I didn’t find the event that helpful, but more informative.  I think it was a great talk and very interesting. I took some classes with some of the people on the panel, so I got a better idea of who they were and what they thought.